Writing a Blog Post in an Hour or Less…

Distractions are everywhere. For a writer, it almost takes so much time to get into the mood and avoid all the distractions to keep writing. Even after starting, it usually takes so much time to complete, with a satisfactory result.

Writers who’re working on books and stuff like that, they see the result after completing the whole thing. Blog writers? Well, everyday, people spend a really lot of time, in front of computers, after starting a blog post. Even for an article, which can be ended-up with less effort, they take at least, two or more hours.

Myself, I don’t take too much time for completing a blog post. Because, I plan things accordingly. I have an editorial calendar and I stick to it. That makes me work productively on things, for my blog. You see the recent blog redesign, the reason why I couldn’t post much.

So, while people are searching for writing tips, most of them want to improve their productivity as a writer. And bloggers, maintaining the consistency is one of the very important factor to maintain a good readership. And, consistency also means quality, in terms.

writing a blog post in less than an hour

But, many complain that they take much time to produce a blog post with good information. Say, two hours for example. You can actually write the same blog post in an hour, which is exactly half of it. So, how?


Don’t just sit in front of your computer to write a blog post, and then, struggle for blog post ideas.

Always organize your things. If you are hit with a cool blog post idea, note it down immediately. Either in a pocket notepad, or the pocket version of Evernote. Finding a topic to write a blog post can be tougher, if you want it immediately.

Ideas hit often, you should pen them down. If you note down all the ideas you get in a month, you need not worry for blog posts for the next six months or so.

Do the Research

Not all topics are easy to complete without a research.

To provide the best information to the audience, you should do a quick research to add more in-depth insights to the article.

If you already have a very good knowledge on the subject you are going to write, refer the internet to find interesting facts, which can make your readers go ZOINKS!

Allot the first fifteen minutes of the hour for the research part. Twenty minutes is good enough (unless you have the broadband that sucks) to do a brief research and write a thesis.

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes.

Write. Keep Writing

I see a lot of bloggers who keep the 650 mark, while writing a blog post. Even if it is on a topic, which needs a detailed note, they wrap it up immediately after seeing the word count. This leaves a half-explained blog post, which leaves a bad impression on the readers.

So, when you write, just write!

I know, the default WordPress writing area, Word and all such tools show the word count. So, go with a distraction-less software like Zenwriter (I use notepad, though).

Write whatever (relevant to the topic) that hits your mind. This will make you write a detailed blog post, which helps the readers to understand it in a better way.

It is more than recommended to use a Pomodoro app to make you write without any distractions. As this tool also has the countdown clock, you can complete quickly, too. Avoid taking breaks. It’s just 25-minutes. If something is seriously burning, hit the break button and run!

Estimated time: 20-25 minutes.

Proofread ONLY After Completing

Every writer make mistakes and typos, while writing something. But, you should not let that raw piece go in front of the audience.

Like I said, write completely without any breaks or thoughts in-between, which takes a twenty more minutes (considering, you are ending it up at 20, saving the last 5 minutes in the app). Now, get back to the beginning and start proofreading.

Reading it aloud for multiple times should sort out. If not, go with the tools. Even if not, ask your friend. If you aren’t happy yet, save it and come back tomorrow.

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes.


Okay. Optimization, too.

As they say, “write for readers”. Readers don’t see the SEO-score, nor the number of back links to the page. They want an attractive page with rich content and that’s all. So, work on highlighting important lines (not the keywords only). If you have some keen points inside the article, use bullet points. Using subheadings always helps the reader in sorting out the content. Because, most of the visitors actually don’t read. I doubt how many of you are actually reading this line. If you have read it, let me know through comments. I’ll be glad

Decorate after writing a blog post

Alright! As you might have already done the keyword research, optimize the blog post with rich keywords. Don’t stuff. Use them only at the right  places.

Estimated time: 5-15 minutes.

Give it a name

Most of the noobs write the article basing on a headline. Well, it’d be better if you can first write an article and then, find a killer headline for it.

Okay, this hardly takes any time. No! You should work on writing the most attractive title for your blog post. Because, a headline is what that first attracts the attention of a reader.