7 Proofreading Tips for Blogging Rockstars

ame? There are around a dozen misspelled words in this article. Find them and I’ll write a new blog post on the topic you suggest. Deal?

Its been more than fifteen whole days since I had published the last article on this blog. I wasn’t busy, I just didn’t have enough time. Although I wrote a couple of articles, they were again published as guest posts. And, I have more than half-a-dozen articles, yet-to-be-proofread.

Okay! I admit, proofreading, at times, sounds tougher than the writing part. But, it’s exciting when you enjoy doing it.

Just in an overnight, I took a break from my boring daily routine and completed the proofreading process.

You know what’s the interesting part when you proofread articles, which you’ve written ages ago; you don’t feel like it’s your writing. I still doubt myself for writing those, both positively and negatively. Yeah!

Alright, alright! I’ll get back to the topic. Here are those proofreading tips

Don’t Worry, Take A Break

Like I wrote, when you come back after a while, probably after watching your favorite movie, again; you get out of the writer’s coat and you can realise how badly (or amazingly) you wrote.

Seriously! You feel refreshed when you take a break and I’m sure, you can find much more mistakes than usual (that doesn’t mean you write bad; you just improved your editing skills).

Proofreading Tips from Inception


PS. Let me comeback after Inception is over. Arthur’s still fighting and the gravity levels have already collapsed.

You’re Not READING A Story

Do you read Ruskin Bond‘s novels? They are so beautiful and the words flow flawlessly.

Here you should remember, you are not READING a story. You are here to proofread your piece of writing.

Remove the writer’s hat and get one of a proofreader. Analyze each and every word of your article. Check if you have mispelled any. Sometimes, the words may not connect perfectly, check for such and re-frame the sentences.

Fine! Go Read Something Else

If you think you really are not ready to proofread, like a boss, go get some books.

If you hate reading something, start reading that you love.

At least, top-bloggers and publishing houses do the proofreading process before publishing. Read such stories and you can also get excellent knowledge on the perfect usage of prepositions, too. Reading is one of the best proofreading tips, one can suggest.

By now, you should have known how important READING is. To write unique articles, in a better style, with a better value, for the right audience, with great power, to capture the attention, improve your authority, don’t stop READING.


We have some excellent tools online and offline to help you in this regard.

If you can afford a little, Grammarly can completely save your time. You can expect the best results from Grammarly. It’s like hiring a proofreader to do the work for you, yet it’s a bot.

If not Grammarly, go for GrammarBase, or After The Deadline, or WhiteSmoke, or Ginger Software, or WordPress plugins, or Office Add-ons. There are tons to choose from. I’m sure these tools can really help a lot, if you can afford a few pennies. Also, even if you not! Yes, there are few free ones, too.

Proofread. Multiple Times

You know that proverb, which says something like keep doing bla-bla fits well here.

If you are not satisfied with the first time, keep doing it for multiple times. Even if you can pick-up two mistakes for every single time, you can correct ten total mistakes in just five-times, which isn’t bad, at all.

Multiple Proofreading Tips

@ Daneli

P.S- Being lazy enough, this is the fourth time I’m proofreading this article.

Alright! Call Your Friend

If you still think you cannot proofread the entire document, perfectly, call your friend and ask him to help you.

A third-eye definitely can highlight few more mistakes. See, you keep getting better every time.

Because, for example, your mindset may take mispell as the correct spelling, which is actually misspell. This can only be corrected, if someone else does a proofreading process.