5 Things to Consider Before Choosing SEO Software

For an internet company, search engine exposure matter the most.

Search engine visitors are loyal. They search for something because, they just wanted to know more about the product.

So, websites should make the best use of these visitors and they have already been, I know. With increasing importance of SEO, new companies came up with exciting features and special softwares, to help their clients regarding the site SEO. But, they have become too many to choose from.

Before buying a phone, don’t we lookout for the features, reviews, pros, cons of the phone? If not, we’d< be searching for a better substitute and the review of that one, too? Just the same way, where your website is the key for your business, how can you blindly go with an SEO software which never cares about your website?

Earlier, last month, I thought of getting an SEO software and did a deep search on the pros and cons of many softwares. Finally, ended up with a plan to write this post, so that my readers (yes, you!) can be benefited.

So, what should you consider before choosing the right SEO software?

Customer Support

The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.

Today, companies know how important customer support is. Yet, still there are few, which have poor customer support. Maybe, the software you’re about to buy, is from such a company.

So, before even looking into the product details, look for the customer support; whether they do their best or reply to customer emails, occasionally.

After getting any product, having good communication with the support team will really help you in making the best use of it. So, see how good the customer support is.

Number of Happy Customers

Happy SEO Software customer

If a company is offering the right SEO software, which is worth-a-buy, then surely there should already be consumers, who have already been using it.

Good price, features, support, functionality of any software attracts a lot of consumers. So, this SEO software should probably be used by thousands of happy customers.


Of course, this is the primary thing to look for.

Useful features should be very important. Because, one can’t spend hundreds (or probably, thousands) of dollars, just to get a one-page report of the site’s performance. Well, there are free tools to do this, online.

So, do a little comparison online. Compare the features between the softwares, you liked. This will definitely make the best one, stand out.

That is how I actually picked up HostGator, when I was building this website. Because, having a good web hosting is a MUST.


Are you the only one who will be using the software? Is it for a single site? How many campaigns you’ll be doing? You know what you want. So, don’t pay for additional services, which you don’t want.

Most of the companies are coming up with different plans basing on company sizes and features, accordingly. Find the one which meets your requirements. Go with it.

User Interface

When it comes to SEO management, having a clean and easy-to-use user interface is a must. Because, one cannot easily cope with complicated (messy, in simple language) interface, if the person is new to the industry.

Make sure, the software has a clean and attractive user-interface system.

Final Words

Maybe, I should straighten up my words in telling you the best SEO software.

Did you hear about SheerSEO? If not, you should probably read more about it. It is one of the best SEO softwares to provide the best results to the user, with many rich features.

All the points, which I’ve mentioned earlier, can be found in SheerSEO. Even the price is so affordable that once can’t ignore using this.

With all necessary options, this online-software provides ultimate features, to awe the user.

Pagerank Tracking

Now, you can easily track pageranks of individual pages of your site. You can also see the previous pagerank of the page. That is, the pagerank before the recent update.

Mailed Reports

You can get email reports about the site activity. You can set the preferred report format, reports for a specific search engine, along with rankings at assigned schedules.

Content Benchmarking

This will help you in analyzing the top pages in search engines, for a desired keyword. The HTML structure and the site’s on-page factors are very important for good SERP rankings. You can use this analysis to well optimize your site.

Backlink Checker

See how many backlinks you have to your site. Once you see the reports, you can know whether you should building more relevant links to your pages, for SEO.

Competitor Tracking

Using SheerSEO, you can track the rankings of your competitors, so that you can do the site work, accordingly.

Not just these. There are really a lot of other features that surprise you. Here is the demo screenshot of the features, you find in the dashboard.